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Jeffrey P. Turko [AA Dipl RIBA II] Hailing from New Jersey USA, educated at the Architectural Association London and holding registration as an Architect in the Netherlands, Jeff is an educator and researcher currently based in the UK. He is a Senior Lecturer of Architecture at the University of Brighton where he teaches design, fabrication and technology. He has previously taught at the University of East London and at the Architectural Association School of Architecture where he was unit master of Diploma Unit 12. He continues to be involved at the AA School as Programme Director of the AA Global Visiting School in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. In addition to this he is also an advisory board member of the Research Centre for Architecture and Tectonics [RCAT] at Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Before launching NEKTON Studio he was the founder of the design practice NEKTON Design; an architectural design practice that worked on projects ranging in scales from urban design, private houses, to art installations. A practice that has received awards in international competitions and participated in expos such as the 2008 Beijing Biennial and has been published and exhibited widely. Most recent published work appears in, Performance – Oriented Architecture [AD Wiley2013] and Mobility of the Line [Birkhauser 2013].

He is also a member of OCEAN Design Research Association. He is the director of the Grounds and Envelopes research area and a co-director of the Auxiliary Architectures research area. He has been an instrumental collaborator on early OCEAN projects such as Landsc[r]aper - Urban Ring Bridge and the World Centre for Human Concerns. More recent OCEAN design works that he has coordinated have been the Membrella and M-Velope projects. He has recently been involved in co-authoring a chapter on OCEAN in the following books, Performalism [Routledge 2011] and Research by Design and the Renovation of Practice in Design Innovation for the Built Environment [Routledge 2012].

Other articles that contain reference to his academic, professional and research interests include 'Parallel Indexing - Infrastructure and Space' , Digital Cities AD: Architectural Design [AD Wiley, London, 2009] and ‘Performative Lines’, Mobility of the Line [Birkhauser 2013].

He has been practicing since 1999 and has been a registered architect in The Netherlands since 2000.

Stichting Bureau Architecten Register: no. 1.000401.014