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MAR 2013:

Jeffrey Turko will be taking part in the Tasmeem Doha Biennial of art and design conference hosted by VCUQatar. Tasmeem Doha.

FEB 2013:

Jeffrey Turko takes part in The Hans & Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustainable Design 2013: Design for Biodiversity, at Cornell University. Feb 1-2, 2013 Design for Biodiversity.

FEB 2012:

Jeffrey Turko Directs the second AA Global Visiting School in Sydney.

JAN 2012:

Jeffrey Turko co-authors with Michael U. Hensel and Defne Sunguro─člu Hensel a chapter on 'Research by design in the trans-disciplinary context of the OCEAN Design Research Association' in "Design innovation for the built environment: research by design and the renovation of practice." Routledge; Taylor & Francis, London, UK.

SEPT 2011:

Jeffrey Turko is appointed to a Senior Lecturer in Architecture post at the University of Brighton

AUG 2011:

Jeffrey Turko co-authors with Defne Sunguro─člu Hensel and Birger R. Sevaldson a chapter on the OCEAN Design Research Association in Performalism: form and performance in digital architecture. Routledge, London, UK.

JAN 2011 :

Jeffrey Turko Directs the first AA Global Visiting School in Sydney.

NOV 2010 :

NEKTON STUDIO & Amos Goldreich Architecture, Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial Project on Arch Daily and the New York Daily News websites.

OCT 2010 :

NEKTON STUDIO in issue No.28 of MARK magazine No.28 of MARK magazine.

APRIL 2010 :

Jeffrey Turko teaches Studio Intensive and gives a Public Lecture at University of Technology Sydney.

JULY 2009 :

Jeffrey Turko edits 'Relational Skins' an book on recent work taking place in Diploma Unit 12 at the AA School.

JUNE 2009 :

Jeffrey Turko's joint article with Holger Kehne 'Parallel Indexing: Infrastructure and Space' on the work of Diploma Unit 12 at the AA School appears in AD magazine issue 'Digital Cities.'

OCT 2008 :

Nekton Design (Jeffrey P. Turko, Gudjon T. Erlendsson) long-listed in a field of 28 in 2008'S YAYA (Young Architects of the Year Award).

JULY 2008 :

Nekton Design (Jeffrey P. Turko, Gudjon T. Erlendsson) shows work in the 3rd Architectural Biennial Beijing 2008 representing the UK along with Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, OCEAN, EMtech and Dempsey Huang.

JULY 2008 :

TURF CITY published on web based Urbanism site

JULY 2008 :

Nekton Design (Jeffrey P. Turko, Gudjon T. Erlendsson) have a solo show of there work at the offices of BURO HAPPOLD in London from 07/07/08 - 01/08/08.

MAY 2008 :

Nekton Design's (Jeffrey P. Turko, Gudjon T. Erlendsson) Prize winning Proposal for Vatnsmyri Iceland TURF CITY will be shown in the exhibition 'Masterplanning Past>Present>Future' at Buro Happold. Opening on May 13th.

FEB 2008 :

OCEAN Exhibited at the FRAC CENTRE in Orleans France. OCEAN Conception Performative @ FRAC February 7th - June 15th

FEB 2008 :

TURF CITY, Nekton Design's (Jeffrey P. Turko, Gudjon T. Erlendsson) project for Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik, Iceland. ' Turf City ' is a prize winning finalist out of 137 entries. Exhibition of competition entries opens in Reykjavik Art Museum on 14 Feb at 20:00